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Last update: Sunday, April 9th, 2006
Bike Show BCN 2006

On a nice sunny week-end in Barcelona, 7,8 and 9 of April, in the Palau Sant Jordi was a Bike show, with some half pipe, gravity, dirt jump. I grab some pictures. It's so good to see how a bike can become part of the body, and enables some amazing moves.

Bosnia in black and white

After waiting many days, I finally decided myself to put on-line some black & white shots. I, however, did not took the time to enhance any picture, and my scan is not really good, but it just to give another angle of Bosnia-Croatia.
You can have a look at this small trip here.

Culture in Europe

While I have been traveling through the world, I came with the conclusion that prices are influenced by the level of life in the country and the potential tourist customer. Regarding culture, and more specificaly book one will think that only level of life should be impacting. However it seems governments have their own word to say.
Lets take the example of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (T6), we have the following situation:


Time pass by and I wasn't able to report my great travel of August: Malaysia. This muslim country is mixing a extremly modern devlopment alongside the traditional culture in the countryside.
The main objective of this trip was to go scubadiving, and I can tell you it is worth the journey.


I am currently reading a book by Klaus Werner and Hans Weiss Das Neue Schawarzbuch Markenfirmen. Die Machenschaften der Weltkonzerne, translated as The black book of trademark, the blackside of global firms.
It is kind of interesting because not only are they reporting general information not known by all, gathered through the net mainly, but they are also providing fresh own study. I haven't finish yet, still it is good to be able to appreciate famous from a different side.

Original song

It's really interesting to see how many old songs are refreshed by new artists. Looking for two songs, out of million possibles, I found out that both of them appear to have been written a long time ago before. Looking for the Mad World by Gary Jules, i found it comes from Tears of Fears. The same way, Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit turned out to be from The Who. Only speed and instrumental were changed...

Directly coming from a trilogy, of three colours, here come the first official wall of Orcin.com, available in 1024x768.

All the credit of this wall goes to Niopi, young artist of whom I enjoy many walls. If you want to see more of the artist's works, you could have a look here.

Eurolatino - EAE Master DGF F/T 2004

So as to be able to share the pictures and events with my spanish friends, we have a portal on which to put the pictures that are not always easy to get.

Barcelona beach

To be updated

Donnie Darko

With the release of the Director's cut this summer, I've been able to come accross the new version of the official website. Either the DVD or the website confirms how many efforts have been put into this movie.


As I was born and raised in Paris, France, I am offering you to have a small visit of this capital from your desk.

To do so you only have to click here

Thanks to Internet, everyone is able to listen to almost any radio.
If you like electronic music/tecno/etc, I would like to recommand you to listen to Máxima FM, which you can access from the following link.

Some bands/singers I want to discover or listen more:
- Eamon, Fuck it
- Estopa - Discover here
- Gary Jules, Mad World
- Maroon 5, This love
- Pixies, Where is my mind
- La Oreja de Van Gogh, Rosas
- Shifty, Slide along side

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